Topic of the Month: Sustainability

New year, new me - no just kidding, but with the new year starting I not only want to change a few things in my life, but also on my blog. Therefore, I'll try to publish one blogpost each month in 2019, which will be dedicated to another topic - starting with sustainability in January. At... Continue Reading →


Thank you, 2018

Today's the very last day of the year, which I'd say topped everything before so far. Approaching the end of the year always makes me reflect what has happened in the past 365 days and also makes me realize how lucky I actually am to have made all these great experiences this year. I got... Continue Reading →

8 Days, 3 Countries – Bali

For years I've been dreaming of visiting Bali and have always been jealous of people traveling there. However, when I booked the trip to Asia, I only planned to go to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore and totally forgot, that Bali would actually not be that far for Singapore anymore. Thus, only one week before I... Continue Reading →

8 Days, 3 Countries – Kuala Lumpur

It's been already a while since I went on my little adventure to Asia and managed to visit three countries in only eight days. Anyways, I still wanted to share my first experience with traveling through 7 time zones and fighting a jet-lag as well as my impressions of all the places I've visited along... Continue Reading →

Food Guide – Swedish Edition

Since I've called Sweden my home for a few months this year, I've also went to the one or the other café and restaurant across the country. So in today's post you can find my personal list with recommendations for my former Swedish home town Jönköping and the capital Stockholm. These include restaurants and cafés... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Sweden

It's crazy how fast my exchange semester in Sweden passed by and how long it still seemed to have been. What has actually only been not even 3 months, nearly seemed like half a year - if not longer - since these months have been so intense in every aspect - a new home, a... Continue Reading →

Exploring Sweden – Gothenburg

Since Gothenburg is probably the only popular city near to Jönköping, a day trip there was kind of a must while staying in Sweden. So on a sunny Sunday, I decided to take the bus there and see what this city has to offer. After about 2 hours I finally made it there and decided... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Airlines – A Review

Although I'm aware of the fact, that traveling by plane is everything else than eco-friendly, I just love traveling by plane - especially the moment of taking off! In the last few years I travelled to a lot of different destinations and most of the time, I traveled there by plane, as for me this... Continue Reading →

First Weeks in Sweden

Hej Sverige, can't believe that it's already more than a week since I came here and I already love it, although I have to confess that I also miss Denmark. However, my first day in Sweden hasn't started that well: first, my luggage at the airport in Vienna was to heavy so I had to... Continue Reading →

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